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"My whole family tried the Harmonic Egg and we each had a unique amazing experience. For me, it was healing, for my husband, relaxing and for my son, transformative! Try it soon, you'll love it." 


"Just wanted to say I've been in agony with my back, with the muscle I pulled recently. I come to the Egg often and didn't realise that you had something for back pain! Whilst I was in the Egg i could feel sensations around my lower back, it felt like worker bees around the area of pain.. I now feel completely relaxed and pain free - it's amazing! This should be on the NHS. I honestly cant believe it, I'm walking around the house and I just keep saying ....I have no pain !!!!" 


"Music is a huge part of my life (I'm a musician). This session was needed at a time in my life that was intense emotionally and physically, I needed to process many things. Once I stepped out of the Egg it felt like nothing I had ever known. I felt so calm, lots of inner peace, my body pulsated and tingled, I felt like my heart had expanded, I felt emotional and blissed out. I was in bed by 7pm and slept 14hours straight!!.. ...I never do that." 
"I have been struggling with sleep for over a year as well as, extreme bloating which felt like I was holding on to something. I have been to the Harmonic Egg previously and had good results however, this time I took advantage of the 3 session package and so glad I did! In just 3 weeks, I feel so much better!! My sleep is sounder and if I wake up in the night, I find it easier to fall back to sleep. I also feel rested when I wake up. The bloating is gone and I have more energy. It is a very different experience and one that I will continue to keep as part of my overall wellness.


I'm blown away by how much my health has improved after just one session. My sleep, back pain, digestion, brain fog have all improved dramatically. I've been more or less house bound for the past 3 years. I can't stand or walk for very long due to severe fatigue and back pain when standing. I have now been sleeping 6-8 hrs a night, for the 1st time in 7 months. I'm feeling so much better than I was, particularly mentally. It feels like a miracle to me. I now want to come regularly for sessions. I just wanted to say "Thank you"
"After just 3 sessions, my abdominal pain from diverticulosis was relieved and my stress was gone. Update: I have been going monthly for a year now. This has been very effective for my diverticulosis and I have not had any flare ups. I have not had a cold, virus or any infection in a year. I enjoy great energy every day. When we started working on my hot flashes, they decreased in frequency, intensity and duration. I am so excited! I highly recommend everyone try the Harmonic Egg!"


"I have been getting harmonic egg treatments, a week before the last one I had started wheezing and it was getting worse every day. After the egg session my wheezing was gone and has not returned. Some sessions are subtle and just feel very relaxing, but this one had a dramatic shift of symptoms." 
"The Harmonic Egg is a wonderful healing device. I came out of the egg feeling so calm, refreshed and soothed. The feeling lasted for days. I highly recommend it."


"I visited the egg to alleviate my PTSD and general anxiety. I was so relaxed when I came out, I felt a peace I had not felt for some time. It felt like 10 min rather than 50 inside the egg. The music took me to happy memories and places. Would highly recommend for peace and tranquility. A great experience and I'II be back for more."
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