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In Person - Sessions

$125 each


One Session

3 sessions for 

$110 each

Savings = $45


One household 



4 sessions for 

$100 each

Savings = $100


One household 


6 sessions for 

$95 each

Savings = 180$


One household 


10 sessions for 

$90 each



One household 



  • $90/month for one session

  • 12-month commitment

  • ​Receive a free canister of Superieur electrolytes. 

  • gift a session to any new clients for 25$, **one session per month

  • **Each additional session within the month will also be $90

** Have to be purchased in person, at the center

Harmonic Egg Mississauga membership
Harmonic Egg Mississauga electrolytes
Harmonic Egg Mississauga gift card
Relaxing Outdoor

Remote session


Ideal for those at a distance, ill, or with mobility challenges. If you're far from our egg center or face mobility challenges, remote sessions are an excellent option. Just as energy healers can send healing energy across distances, you can receive all the benefits, whether you're in different province or country! We provide the same service as in-person sessions, using your photo and birthdate to connect with you within the Harmonic Egg. Distance sessions work wonders for children, pets, and spaces too. 

Green Pastures

Land clearing
House/Office/Land clearing


Felling weird vibes in your space? Has the energy fell off lately?

Want better energy at home? Whether you've moved, had guests who left an energy trail, or your office feels tiring and distracting, clearing energy of the space can help. We offer house, office, land clearing to raise the vibration in the place dear to you.

Mother's Day Card

Gift Card

Whether it's for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, a Harmonic Egg gift card is versatile and can be a meaningful gift for various celebrations. The Harmonic Egg sessions provide a unique and transformative experience that many people may not have tried before, making it an exciting and novel gift option. Harmonic Egg sessions are known for promotion relaxation and stress relief, making it an ideal gift in today's busy world.

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